Year: 2016

Seeking a New Director!

Dear Community!

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The Madison Russian School has been a successful organization teaching students of all ages the Russian and Ukrainian Language and Culture as well as many other subjects for almost 14 years!!!  We have a wonderful group of teachers sharing their knowledge with students week after week, year after year!  To top it all off, we are so thankful for all the amazing boys and girls (and their parents!), women and men who come to our school!

Our principal of many years, Inna Reinfeldt, is unfortunately leaving her position as Director of the school starting in January of 2017.

The MRS is looking for a new Director!  It is a part-time job that provides compensation!  If you feel like you or someone you know could contribute to the leadership and development of our school, thus the academic growth of the young and older Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking community members, please contact us as soon as possible at  It is a very rewarding and creative job that you won’t regret!  This candidate would also have the option of taking on the role of the Summer Camp Director if they so desired.  Thank you!


Fall Visit to Treinen Farm!

Dear Community,

The Madison Russian School would like to start celebrating the Fall by inviting you to join us at Treinen Farm on Sunday, October 16th.  We’ll be gathering by the entrance at 1:15 PM and will be entering the farm area autumn-crafts-clipart-1itself at 1:30 PM.

We’re happy to announce that the Madison Russian School will be buying an entrance package (includes a trip to the pumpkin patch with a pumpkin and a maze pass) for all registered students who are there with us on Sunday!  In order to spend as much time with everyone together as we can, we’ll be scheduling some of the activities for certain times, such as the corn maze and trip to the pumpkin patch.  We’ll review the schedule with everyone when distributing the tickets.

Please arrive on time, as we will be buying tickets for all the students who are present when we enter at 1:30 PM.

We can’t wait to see you all there!

Новый учитель музыки в Русской Школе г. Мэдисона!

Дорогие друзья!

img_4518Сегодня мы очень рады сообщить вам о том, что в Русской Школе г. Мэдисона теперь работает новый учитель музыки для детей 4-6 лет!

Тая Кёниг-Тарасевич –  молодой и жизнерадостный преподаватель с прекрасным опытом работы с детьми и множеством творческих идей! Больше информации о Тае вы найдете по этой ссылке на ее персональную страницу на сайте Русской Школы:
Ждем ваших деток в нашем младшем музыкальном классе!!!

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