Parent Handbook

1. General Guidelines:

  • Class schedule is designed in accordance with instructor and space availability. In the event that classes have to be rescheduled, all students and parents in the group will be informed in advance by their instructor.
  • Classes may be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions; Madison Russian School generally follows MMSD (Madison Metropolitan School District) snow day closings.
  • If classes are canceled due to conditions outside of the Madison Russian School’s control (extreme weather, issues with the class facilities, etc.), there will be no reimbursements.  The school administration and teaching staff will attempt to reschedule classes, if possible.
  • Language proficiency of a student is determined by an instructor; linguistic needs of a student are accommodated accordingly.
  • Teachers with classes of more than eight students have the right to place students on a waiting list for the class if they feel that the class is working at maximum capacity and adding more students would disrupt the class rather than enhance it.
  • Any parent has the right to request a meeting with their student’s teacher to discuss the class and their student’s progress. Parents should contact the teacher to arrange time for such meetings on a mutually agreeable date and time.
  • The Madison Russian School hires only skilled educators.  They follow the MRS educational curriculum.  If a parent has a concern regarding lesson content or teaching methods, they should raise them in the proper forum (a one-on-one meeting with the teacher, not during classes).  The educator ultimately makes the final decision on how they conduct the classroom activities and the content they teach. If a parent has a concern that cannot be resolved by meeting with the teacher, the parent should contact the school principal at  The principal’s informed decision with regards to such concerns is final.
  • Students more than 15 minutes late to class without prior notice may be asked to leave so as not to disrupt the classroom activities for those students who arrived on time.
  • Rude, disrespectful, disruptive, or destructive behavior by students or their parents towards other students, teachers, school staff/volunteers will not be tolerated.  The Madison Russian School reserves the right to ask students with repeated disciplinary problems, where every possible corrective measure has been attempted, to withdraw from the school until such time as their behavior can be better managed.
  • Parents’ presence during our classes is encouraged in the first two “trial” lessons.  Afterwards, the parents are asked to not be present in the classroom, unless disciplinary or emotional aspects of the student’s behavior require their presence.  Photographs and videos can be made during our open lessons that are conducted approximately twice each school year.
  • Some of the classes at the Madison Russian School assign work to be completed at home before the next class.  It is the student’s (and their parents’) responsibility to come to class prepared, with their assignments completed to the best of their abilities, as well as to make up for the material missed due to absences in order for the classes to progress properly.
  • Photographs and video are often taken of the students in class or at MRS events. If you do not want images (either video or photo) posted on the school’s site, YouTube, other sites, photo albums, or any other media please select the appropriate option on the class registration form.

2. School and Community Events:

  • Madison Russian School organizes and participates in a variety of events offering a range of volunteer opportunities. All individuals interested in helping MRS are encouraged to contact school administration for more information.



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