Darya Ivashniova

Darya IvashniovaРодилась я и выросла в Витебске, закончила Минский Государственный Лингвистический Университет и в 2007 году переехала в Мэдисон на учебу в аспирантуре на факультете славистики в Университете Висконсина. Как-то незаметно обзавелась семейством и, получив степень магистра, оставила любимую мной русскую литературу. Не люблю делать дела вполсилы. А тем более быть вполсилы мамой. С огромным удовольствием занимаюсь переводами, закадровым озвучанием, репетиторством и работой в русской школе в свободное от домохозяйствования время. По натуре я – и швец, и жнец, и на дуде игрец, но, из-за лени-матушки, больше гуманитарий. Единственное, чего мне не хватает в жизни, это моего старого хобби – интеллектуальных игр.

I was born and raised in a Russian-speaking family in Vitebsk, Belarus. Having studied quite a few languages (Belarusian, Polish, German, Spanish, French) and being fascinated with various aspects of linguistics, I graduated from Minsk Linguistic University with a major in Foreign Language Acquisition and English Language and Literature in 2006. In 2007, I was accepted to the PhD program at the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at UW-Madison and moved to the US to become part of a most passionate group of scholars and graduate students studying Russian and other Slavic languages and literatures. My job as a Teaching Assistant for the 1st and 2nd year Russian introduced me to the challenges and joys of teaching my native language to English-speakers. Just like with any kind of teaching, I found this activity extremely gratifying on many levels, from my students’ amazing progress to my own professional development. I loved the 5 years spent in the PhD program, but soon realized that scholarly writing and research did not bring me the kind of joy I was looking for in a job. About a year after the birth of my first child, Sophia, I left UW-Madison with only a Master’s Degree and dedicated myself to translations, voice-over recording and private tutoring as much as my tight schedule as a new mom allowed. Now, as my second child, Aleksei, is growing into a fine roly-poly toddler, I still find much gratification in these professional activities, complemented by the job at Madison Russian School. I delight in teaching Russian language to 3-4 year olds with their inexhaustible energy and sense of wonder. I also love teaching my Russian as a Foreign Language class for adults, which allows me to share my extensive knowledge of language learning and an expertise of Russian that comes with being a native speaker. This is but a glimpse into who I am. To learn more, come find me in person at Madison Russian School!

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