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New Year’s Celebration – 2017!

Дорогие друзья!

Коллектив Русской школы г. Мэдисона приглашает вас и ваших детей на ежегодную Новогоднюю Елку, которая состоится 7 января 2017 года в 14:30 ч. Мероприятие пройдет по адресу: Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, 401 S. Owen Dr., Madison, WI (in the downstairs auditorium).

Регистрация открыта!

В программе:

  • Новогодние подарки от Деда Мороза ded-moroz
  • Профессиональный аквагрим для детей
  • Музыкально-театральное представление “Морозко”!
  • Игры и танцы с Дедом Морозом и Снегурочкой для всех детей и взрослых
  • Праздничный стол
  • Новогодняя лотерея (розыгрыш ценных призов)

Подарки для всех учеников Русской школы будут бесплатными.  Обратите внимание, что регистрация остается обязательной для всех!  Состав подарка: сласти, а также другой интересный подарок для развития ребенка.

Если Ваш ребенок не является учеником нашей школы, то cтоимость подарка от Деда Мороза составляет $13.00 плюс $5 регистрационный взнос. Если Вы заказываете для своих детей 3 подарка и больше, от оплаты регистрационного взноса Вы освобождаетесь. Электронная pегистрация обязательна! Оплата принимается через PayPal.

И в этом году школа проведет праздничную лотерею, где будут рaзыграны новогодние призы. Стоимость лотерейного билета $1.00 или $5.00 за 6 билетов. Пожалуйста, не забудьте принести мелкие наличные деньги.

Праздник продолжится за новогодним столом. Мы просим всех, у кого есть возможность, принести угощение и отметить не менее двух позиций в регистрационной форме на Potluck. Если такой возможности нет, Вы можете внести $15.00 на расходы, связанные с праздничным столом.  Добавить свое имя в список Potluck.

Для гарантированного подарка от Деда Мороза Вам необходимо заполнить регистрационную форму до 3 января!  Регистрация без приобретения подарка будет принята и после этого срока.

All payments must be processed through PayPal this year, so please complete PayPal form at the end of the registration process.  If there are any questions, please direct them to our Financial Director, Elena Poznakhirina, at

Поздравляем Вас со всеми зимними праздниками! До встречи на нашей Новогодней Елке!

Dear Community,

The Madison Russian School would love to invite you to our annual children’s New Year’s celebration!  This year the celebration will be held on January 7th, 2017 at 2:30 PM at the following address: Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, 401 S. Owen Dr., Madison, WI (in the downstairs auditorium).

Registration is open!

In the program:

  • Gifts for children
  • Face-painting for kids
  • Holiday school performance (in Russian) “Morozko”
  • Games for all children and adults with Ded Moroz and Snegurochka (Grandfather      Frost and his granddaughter Snegurochka (Snow Maiden))
  • Holiday Potluck
  • Holiday Lottery

Gifts for MRS students will be complimentary! However, we ask everyone to register online before January 3rd to ensure gift availability.  Gift content: traditional Russian sweets and another fun and educational present.

If you want your child(ren), who are not students at the Madison Russian School, to get a present from Ded Moroz, please regisister on our site.  The cost will be $13.00 for a present and $5 registration per child, which will be collected via Paypal at the end of the registration form. If you are ordering 3 or more presents for your kids, you will not need to pay the registration fees.

We are doing a lottery style fundraiser with a variety of prizes, so please bring petty cash ($1.00 – per raffle ticket, $5.00 – per 6 tickets).

Add your dish to our holiday Potluck (2 items minimum). If you can’t bring anything for the potluck table, you are welcome to contribute by paying $15 (also collected when submitting the registration form).  

All payments must be processed through PayPal this year, so please complete PayPal form at the end of the registration process.  If there are any questions, please direct them to our Financial Director, Elena Poznakhirina, at

Happy Holidays! We are looking forward to seeing you at our New Year Celebration!

MRS Art Exhibition at the Madison Children’s Museum!

Dear Community,

The Madison Russian School’s art class, under the leadership of Anya Krylova, is putting on an exhibition of their work at the Madison Children’s Museum from December 6th – February 28th.  The exhibition is located on the second floor in the art room of the museum.  If you state that you are there to view the Madison Russian School’s Exhibit, the Children’s Museum has agreed to let you in without paying.  Additionally, the first Wednesday of every month is free entry to the museum.  

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to see what excellent pieces of art were created by our students have and share in their excitement of having a public exhibition!

Our students thank you for your support!

IT Support Person Needed!

The Madison Russian School is looking to fill an IT Support position.  This role is primarily website configuration and maintenance. 

Black White Film And Video Editor Black White

Candidates should have experience with WordPress, PHP, and MySQL (or a willingness to learn).  If interested, please contact us at as soon as possible.

Seeking a New Director!

Dear Community!

business woman at work on computer showing thumbsup sign clipart

The Madison Russian School has been a successful organization teaching students of all ages the Russian and Ukrainian Language and Culture as well as many other subjects for almost 14 years!!!  We have a wonderful group of teachers sharing their knowledge with students week after week, year after year!  To top it all off, we are so thankful for all the amazing boys and girls (and their parents!), women and men who come to our school!

Our principal of many years, Inna Reinfeldt, is unfortunately leaving her position as Director of the school starting in January of 2017.

The MRS is looking for a new Director!  It is a part-time job that provides compensation!  If you feel like you or someone you know could contribute to the leadership and development of our school, thus the academic growth of the young and older Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking community members, please contact us as soon as possible at  It is a very rewarding and creative job that you won’t regret!  This candidate would also have the option of taking on the role of the Summer Camp Director if they so desired.  Thank you!


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