School Calendar & Payment Info

Madison Russian School Calendar 2016-2017

Chalk drawing for kids & MRS picnic: September 11th

First Term:  September 12th through December 18th  (13 weeks)

Fall Celebration: Sunday, October  16th

Fall break: November 21st  through November 27th  (1 week)

Winter break: December 19th through January 8th (3 weeks)

New Year Celebration: Saturday,  January 7th

Second Term: January 9th through May 21st (18 weeks)

Women’s Day Celebration: Sunday, March 5th

Spring break: April 10th through April 16th  (1 week)

End-of -year concert is on Sunday May 21st


a. Two trial lessons are offered to all students. The lessons are free of charge on the condition that after the trial period a student did not enroll in the class. Otherwise, standard payment procedures apply.

b. Tuition payments are made for the entire term (total of 2 terms in an academic year) no later than the due date (before October 15th for the first term and March 15th for the second term). Please contact Elena Poznakhirina ( if you would like to make payment arrangements.

c. If a student attends 5 or more classes in a semester, the tuition for the 5th, 6th, et al. classes will be discounted by 50% per class, starting with the lowest class tuition amount.

d. Financial Aid is available on a case-by-case basis.  To apply, please send an e-mail to Elena Poznakhirina at describing why the Financial Aid is needed.  The application needs to be submitted before registering for classes.

All payments received after the due date are expected to have $10.00 late fee added to the tuition payment for each class.

Payments should be sent to the following address:

Madison Russian School, Inc.
PO BOX 5132
Madison, WI  53705

The following exceptions apply:

Payment will be prorated for new students who joined the group in the middle of the term.

e. Refunds are granted in the case of student relocation.

f. There will not be any reimbursements in the case of weather-related cancellations.

g. If the number of students in a group changes during a term, and tuition is affected, payment will be adjusted (reduced/increased) for the next term.

h. Registration fee of $25.00 per student for a full academic year ($13.00 if attendance started after January) is submitted with the first payment.

i. Teachers have an option of collecting extra money for the materials used in their class. In this case the payment is made directly to the teacher.

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