Живая классика 2016 (Living Classics 2016)

Dear Community,
Several of our Madison-area students are participating in the Живая классика 2016 (Living Classics 2016) international competition this year. This entails memorizing text from a piece of prose and then performing it to a judging panel.  In order to start competing, each of the participants must gather 100 “likes” before the end of March, 2016 on the website where they’re registered.  We are asking you all to support these young readers by watching their entries and voting for (Liking) them.  We (and the participants especially!) appreciate your time and effort in supporting them!  The process is really easy:
  • Go to http://youngreaders.ru/
  • Click on “Войти” и потом “Зарегистрироваться”
  • You will need to fill in 3 fields, Name, E-mail Address, and Password and click on Submit (“Зарегистрироваться”)
  • Search for each participant (in Russian), one at a time:
    • Райнфельдт Лора
    • Агапова Соня
    • Малина Валерия Дмитриевна
    • Юнна Гопан
  • Click on each video that the participant has listed (could be more than one)
  • Once the video opens, you can click on the Like button (+1 мне нравится) and also leave a supportive comment.

There may be other students from our area posting their videos soon, and if so, we’ll add their names in the comments.  Remember to support each participant as soon as possible! If they do not get 100 Likes, they will not be included in the competition.

Thank you!
Updated: 2016/03/14 — 12:54 am
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