Madison Russian School working with Square1Art!

Dear Community,

The Madison Russian School has partnered with Square1Art for an exciting fundraising activity!  Help show off your children’s talents (or your own!) by putting their work on Square1Art’s creative, custom products!  In order to participate, please contact Ayza Churins ( or Inna Reinfeldt (  They will then provide you with the necessary materials (special paper for the artwork) and the order forms.  They will also collect these items from you when you’re ready so that the order can be placed with Square1Art.  (*Note: the materials have arrived! Please contact Inna Reinfeldt no later than Friday, February 6th to arrange to pick up the drawing materials and order forms.)

There is a large selection of items to chose from, all of which will make great memories for your families!

We ask that anyone interested please let us know in the next 7-10 days.  We are trying to ensure that we can place our order in plenty of time before Easter so that everyone has the option of using the items as gifts for friends and family if they’d like to.

Updated: 2015/11/24 — 1:17 am
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