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About Us

Since 2003 we have served our community by providing affordable Russian/Ukrainian language classes and events for our students.


Our Mission

To teach the Russian language in the Madison area to all who are interested.

Our Organization

Madison Russian School is a nonprofit heritage language school that was established in 2003 by a group of dedicated parents. Every year Madison Russian School welcomes new students and offers new classes. The school's success would not be possible without the support and commitment of our parents. Our parents contribute to and are actively engaged in all aspects of school life. 

Our school is blessed to have the best teachers. Their professionalism, commitment, and genuine enthusiasm are the foundation of the school. The school is privileged to have professional administrators and a Board of Directors who ensure the smooth functioning of the organization.


It is an honor to have such diverse, talented, and dedicated students in our classrooms with a wide range of age, language heritage, and proficiency. The school is proud of its work, its teachers, and its wonderful students. We are grateful for long-standing friendships and eagerly anticipate new ones. 

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