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Policy on Hall Monitoring

Sign up for your hall monitoring shifts here:

Each family will complete a minimum of two 3-hour hall monitoring shifts per student per semester. Accordingly, if a family has two students enrolled, that family will complete at least four shifts that semester.

  • Shifts will be scheduled on Saturdays, either 9am-12pm or 12-3pm. 

  • The sign-up calendar is here and is first-come-first-served.

  • Families with three or more students enrolled in the school will complete a minimum of four shifts per semester. 

  • Families with just one child aged 5 or under, enrolled in one single class, are not required to complete hall monitor shifts. 

  • Families of children 5 and under enrolled in two or more classes are required to complete two shifts per semester, as are parents of students 6 and older taking just one class.

  • A site map of classrooms, hallways, and hall monitoring posts is available here.   

  • We welcome non-Russian speaking parents as hall monitors – you are members of our community and we welcome the chance to get to know you too!

  • In the event that a family fails to participate in this cooperative effort, there will be a penalty of $25 per missed shift – which will have to be covered by some other family. [Covenant has 2 elevators, 6 flights of stairs, and multiple corridors which will be off limits to us. Experience has shown that we must have engaged monitors stationed at these locations at all times in order to guide children away from zones that are off-limits.] 


Please note that requiring all enrolled families to join together in monitoring the stairs and hallways is a necessary measure to ensure an enduring, mutually supportive relationship with our hosts. Please join us in embracing your hall monitoring shifts as an opportunity to connect with fellow parents and with your children’s friends. 


Educating our children is a team effort between parents, teachers and community. Please also remember that the more time each family spends actively participating in the life of our school, the more we all get to know one another and the more we each have a hand in guiding our school’s future – together. 

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