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​COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Our academic calendar coincides with flu season in Wisconsin. We need to manage COVID-19 on top of a wide range of seasonal illnesses. Simple precautions such as hand-washing,, masking,, staying home when sick, and getting enough sleep will help us all to stay healthy all year long.

Self-monitoring of Symptoms and Exposure

Prior to coming to MRS school, parents of students should conduct daily symptom checks and stay at home if they are sick and do not feel well. If a student has a temperature above 100.4 Fahrenheit, they should notify their teacher and stay home.


During the summer of 2022 the COVID-19 Community Level in Dane County has been fluctuating between Medium and High.

  • When the Community Level is High, CDC guidance recommends universal masking indoors regardless of vaccination status. 

  • When the Community Level is Medium masks are encouraged. 

MRS will monitor the COVID-19 Community Level in Dane County and require indoor masking of all staff, students and parents as conditions warrant. In general, MRS encourages students, staff, and parents to wear masks indoors.

MRS requires masks indoors in the following cases:

  • anyone showing symptoms of any respiratory infection, such as runny nose,, cough or congestion (even with a negative COVID-19 test)

  • anyone testing positive for COVID-19 (even with no symptoms). They may return to class wearing a mask on day 6-10 (following 5-day isolation in which symptoms have completely subsided).;
    Positive test = day 0.

  • anyone who has ben a close contact of someone who tested positive -- wear mask for 5-10 days post exposure and test at least 5 days post exposure. Day of last exposure = day 0.

MRS will have adult and child-size masks on hand to distribute to any students, staff, or parents who may start showing respiratory symptoms during our school day.  

Contact Tracing

If there is a positive COVID-19 case in school, the school will send a confidential email to families whose child is considered a close contact so that you can watch for symptoms and test on day 5 post exposure, as many positive cases show no symptoms. Day of last exposure = day 0.

Home Testing

MRS encourages all families to take full advantage of home test kits provided by public and private health insurers. Many cover up to 8 FDA-authorized rapid tests per member per month. Please note that nasal swabs must go fairly deep into the bony part of the nose. Swabbing just the soft outer nostril can result in false negative and unfortunate spread of disease. It doesn't have to hurt., but it does have to go beyond the soft outer part of the nostril. 

Hand Washing

Teachers will encourage hand washing (or hand sanitizer) between classes. If your child has sensitivities to soap or sanitizer, please send your child with a hand sanitizer that works well for them.

Thank you for your patience and continued support! We are grateful to have had a healthy 2021-2022 return to in-person classes and are looking forward to continued good health in 2022-2023.

*Please note, these guidelines are subject to change

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